Another hatrick by Peloton

Peloton has created another Digital Disruption.They were the one’s who manufactured spike bikes.But not being satisfied with their manufacturing activity,they have now ventured into yoga,walking,and strength training.

They have created an app for usd 19.49 per month.It  will offer recorded as well as live video and audio workouts.

How did their journey start ?

Peloton =  riders in a Peloton work together ,conserve energy and perform better because of one


Their story got created when  they toyed with an inspiring concept in fitness which also included music and fashion.The Team was interested in cycling and were not able to practise their hobby.Then they brough Top Talent from Silicon Alley headquarters to create a great cycling experience within the comfort of one’s home.

They are well known for their bikes and treadmill


You can the new Peloton  app download  from  here .They are offering a free 14 day trial.


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